How To Gain Relief from Anxiety

Nowadays, so many people are suffering from anxiety. They try different techniques to feel better. Some help temporarily. Others do not.

If you find yourself worrying a lot or wishing to find relief from the devastating effects of anxiety,  it is truly possible. The first step is awareness.

Anxiety starts out with a concern. When you begin to think a lot about what you are concerned about,  worry usually follows. After some time, the worry increases and turns into feelings of anxiety. As you focus your attention on the anxiety and it's physical components, these  increase as well and a panic attack may follows. 

You can take back control by asking yourself,

1) What am I concerned about?

2) Is this a legitimate concern or an irrational one?

Once you have answered these questions, you have taken the first step on your new path,  your authentic path, towards the relief from anxiety that you desire. You are now ready for the next step, Taking Action. 

  • Decide upon (if the concern is rational) the specific actions that you will take to try and prevent that which you are concerned about from happening, and then, take action. 
  • Obtain the information (if the concern is  irrational) that will help you gain a deeper understanding of the fear, how it originated, and then, learn how to release it.

Simply by having your thoughts focused on what you can actually do, followed with actions you have chosen to take,  will provide you with a greater sense of control. Your actions, addressing the concern, will increase the likelihood that what you are afraid of happening  will actually not take place as well. By taking action, you are reconnecting with your own sense of power, letting go of the feeling of powerlessness, and gaining relief from anxiety. 

After you have done all that you can, the final step is to let go. This this often the most difficult part for most people. Worrying and anxiety may make you feel that you are doing something when you actually are not. To let go is actually a choice that you are making to keep control over your thoughts, emotions and your life. 

To let go of anxiety, say to yourself:

  • I have done all that I can do.
  • I am not going to waste my energy worrying. It won't do any good anyways and will only make me feel terrible.

Should you thoughts return to your concern: 

  • Notice them. (Rather than pushing them down). 
  • Remind yourself that you have done all that you can.
  • Refuse to worry and waste your energy and time. 
  • Choose, instead, to focus your attention on creating and living your wonderful life. 

You now have the awareness and some essential life tools, gifts, required to take back control and to feel tremendous relief from anxiety.

I wish you a life of happiness and joy. 

From Experiencing the Shift by Bonnie Barness.  Available for purchase on my website.

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